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Our Trip Last Night!

If you recall in my previous post, A Special Trip, we went to Nature in Lights in Belton, TX last night. Every year, they open Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area to non-military employed civilians for NiL.

Anyways, we left town and the sunset was so pretty! We had no trouble- we just went down I-35. Just a straight shot, right? After that, that's when things went sorta downhill. We got lost! Thanks to the wrong directions via Google, we ended up 15 minutes on the OTHER side of town. We pretty much just passed where we were supposed to turn and almost ended up starting back where we got lost. But we weren't the only ones lost. When we stopped to ask for directions, the guy said that there were several people before us that asked for directions. It seems that they had almost the exact directions we had. Apparently, they had used Google too. LOL

After getting the correct directions and driving 15 minutes the way we were supposed to go, we arrived. It was chilly, so it was starting to feel like Christmas. We tuned the radio to the channel where they were streaming Christmas music and to Twin's surprise, they were playing George Strait (she loves him). We opened the van passenger doors so Twin and I could take pictures.

It was so much fun! They had a lot of new displays (over 110 total). Some of the pictures didn't come out as we had planned because our camera has gotten so bad, the LCD screen is almost completely white in the dark. So if Santa wants a gift idea, think camera!

But everyone enjoyed themselves and by the time we got home, it was 9pm so we ate a little and all passed out.

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