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HGG: Clothing- Ozone Socks Review

Winter isn't far behind and in some places, it has even arrived. Everyone is so worried about getting coats, sweaters, pants, and hoodies to keep them warm. But sometimes, they forget about one important body part- the feet! Without nice warm feet, you can’t really feel where you’re walking.
But you can say goodbye to boring white or black socks! Ozone Socks is the newest and coolest thing in footwear with designer socks for everyone!  Whether you like your socks to be knee-high, over the knee, or short, you can bet you’ll find socks that fit your fashion style! If you’re a fan of flowers, take a peek at their Flower Cameo socks, which is one of their best-sellers!

If you don’t want your feet to look like art, they still have the basics to keep those tootsies warm! I personally enjoy ankle as well as mid-zone socks.

With each sock retailing about $15, don’t consider it a stocking stuffer! Consider it a luxury gift that your family and friends will love. And since socks are practical, they are perfect for everyone on your list!

If you want your tights to look as cool as you do, check out their Tights section. With a choice between lace, flowers, or even the sexy Stiletto Tights and each pair only $29.99, get several for each outfit! But we can’t forget our gentlemen. They even have cool Mens' designs for your men that like your feet to look cool under those boots. Guys, these Carnival socks will make you the envy of all cold feet.

All Ozone Socks are made at small mills in France, Colombia, and Japan, assuring that your socks will be soft and comfortable.

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I lost a sock. It’s no longer a pair and when you have one pair of black and one pair of pink, you very well can’t go out in 1 black and 1 pink sock! Thanks to Ozone Socks, you don’t have to worry about it! They will help you find you the missing sock by matching it with a Single Sock! Now if only we can find out what happened to that other sock?

Afraid your daughter or aunt won’t like the style of socks you picked out? Get them a Gift Certificate. That way you don’t have to worry about the look on their face of feigned joy. Gift certificates are available in any amount and are delivered via e-mail.

You can find Ozone Socks on Twitter and Facebook

Prices vary. Womens' socks start at $15. Mens' socks start at $18.

I was able to try their Flower Cameo socks. I love them! They actually came at the perfect time. I went to take trash out to the curb, and didn’t even bother to look at the temperature before stepping out. The sidewalk and grass were so cold; my toes were popsicles before I got back in! So when I checked mail and saw that the socks had arrived, I immediately put them on. I could feel my feet defrosting- they were that warm! They’re super soft. They aren’t very stretchy, but when you look inside, you see that they are almost stitched.
Not only are they soft and warm, they look so good on my feet! Some bulky socks tend to make my feet look bigger than they are. Even Mom thought they looked neat.

I love them and try to wear them as often as I can.I might have to pick me up another pair so that no matter my mood or where I go, my feet will look cool!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE pair of socks from Ozone Socks to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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