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A Cheap Halloween

I cannot believe that Halloween is about 2 weeks away- 2 weeks and 1 day, actually. It is one of my favorite Holidays but this year, we won't be able to celebrate like we had originally planned. But that won't break down my Halloween spirit! There are ways you can celebrate Halloween even if you don't have a lot of money.

Start a new tradition! When we first moved into the house, we didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters coming to the door, asking for candy. But we still bought several bags because we had no clue what the population was. So we ended up with TONS of candy left over that lasted well into the new year. So if your trick-or-treaters are dwindling over the years, more than likely it will be less this year. Instead of spending money on candy that will just go to waste, skip giving candy out. It will save you about $5-$10 that can be spent somewhere else. I don't know why, but I am seeing less and less kids go door to door nowadays. 

Create a mini-party. Since Dad will be working on Halloween night, its just going to be me, Twin, and Mom. Because we all love Halloween, it would be kinda boring to just sit around and watch horror movies all night. So instead, we're going to have ourselves a mini-party with drinks and food! Okay, and maybe a little candy. In fact, we probably will make little hors d'oeuvres with items we have here at home so the only thing we will need to buy is the drinks, candy, and maybe a few foodstuffs we don't have here at home.

Go online instead. There are tons of Halloween stuff out there, including those Halloween party or haunted house sound/music CDs. But why spend $5 on a CD you're only going to use for this one night out of the whole year? Save that $5 and look online for free downloads of the music or sounds. If you have Spotify, a free music listening program, you can just search and play.

Decorate INSIDE. If you're not expecting any kids to knock on your door for candy but still want to have the feeling of Halloween inside, decorate inside. You can get really cheap decorations at Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Party City (if you have one in your town), or even Walmart. Have the kids make little crafts they can hang around. If your kids are going trick-or-treating, have then dress up an hour or two before they actually leave so they get SUPER excited. When us Twins were little, we wanted to dress up as soon as we got home because we couldn't wait to get into our costumes and go to where Mom worked for a haunted house they used to do. 

Even if you don't have trick-or-treaters or having a party, you can still get into the Halloween spirit!

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  1. A fairly cheap thing we always do is to give out unfrozen popsicles instead of candy. A box of 100 costs just a few dollars - and the kids that stop by are super excited to get something other than candy!


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