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GIANTmicrobes Review & Giveway

Cold weather is here and that can only mean one thing: People will be getting sick. Some viruses love this cold weather while some love warmth (like your toasty home). But we really don't know a lot about what each virus means or how to avoid them!

GIANTmicrobes can help you! They have unique and interesting gifts of... microbes! GIANTmicrobes® are stuffed animals that look like ­tiny microbes— only a million times actual size! They offer these microbes from categories such as Health, Calamities, Exotics, Critters, and Menageries. Of course, that is only a few of  MANY categories they have.

Have a touch of food posioning and need a buddy to help you feel better but maybe learn a little bit about it? Try their Food Poisoning (Bacillus cereus) microbe! Curious to know what your nerve cell looks like and what it actually does? Check out the Nerve Cell. Some people think the human race is alone while some don't. One of the latter? You might want to check out the Martian Life (ALH 84001).

The Flu season is upon us and I can bet that The Flu (Orthomyxovirus) microbe will become popular!

It doesn't stop there. They also have microbes of insects (i.e. Aerials and Critters), STDs (Venereals), and Maladies such as Hay Fever. Whatever ailment you have or curious about, they most likely have it. But you don't have to settle for the Original Microbe plush. Some GIANTmicrobes have even bigger plushes (GIGANTICmicrobes) or even mini-plushes. Not in the mood for plush? Check out their vinyl microbes!

Each microbe comes with its own informational tag with information about the microbe. If its an ailment or illness, it has ways to avoid it.

If you want a variety, check out their Halloween Box of mini microbes. The microbes are even decked out for Halloween like Anthrax adorning a witch's hat and the Flesh Eating with spooky, fake fangs. They also have a Christmas Tree Box that is filled with Holiday-adorned microbe ornaments. They offer neckties, t-shirts, hats, and even a Sniffles Doll.

GIANTmicrobe Original Plush (5-7") start at $8.95. Prices vary for mini-microbes are $12.95. Prices vary for GIGANTICmicrobes.

As you well know, the common cold (rhinovirus) claimed me about 2 weeks ago. I was miserable. Because of GIANTmicrobes, I was able to review just that- The Common Cold (Rhinovirus) microbe.

The plush was so soft and so blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors and the color is vibrant! The quality is one of the best. Twin and I were about to throw it around without it coming apart or a seam popping open.

The tag was FULL of facts that I didn't even know about. I didn't know that cold medicines or even antibiotics didn't get rid of the cold. They just take care of the symptoms.

Even when I have a stuffy nose from allergies or the change of weather, I can snuggle with my microbe or play with it. Its a great plush to play around with whether your a kid or a kid at heart!

I absolutely love my GIANTmicrobe. It's so cute!

Thanks to the lovely folks at GIANTmicrobes, one (1) winner is going to win their very own original sized GIANTmicrobe of their choice!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE GIANTmicrobe to review.All thoughts/opinions are my own. 

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