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What To Expect At The Bowen MusicFest!

The Bowen Family Foundation, a foundation set up by the Wade Bowen family to raise money for kids in need and charitable organizations that are close to their hearts, host what is called the Bowen MusicFest at the first of June every year. You get to hear great music from some of country's best artists, hear amazing stories about how the Bowen Family Foundation has helped local people, and just have a great time supporting some great charities.

Charlie Daniels!!!
This year, I really wanted to go. Charlie Daniels was playing and being raised on his music, I really wanted to go! But unfortunately, I couldn't afford tickets so I thought "Well, there's always next year.", even though the headliner will be different next year.

Then Sunday morning, on June 4th, we get a call from our aunt. She had originally purchased tickets for her and her husband but because her back went out, she wasn't able to go. She offered us the tickets! This year's line-up included the Charlie Daniels Band (of course), Kip Moore, Holly Tucker, Roger Creager, Flatland Calvary, Shinyribs,  and a whole lot more so I was gladly to accept those tickets! (Speaking of which, you can buy your early-bird tickets for $25 or pay $30 at the gates. VIP wristbands are also available, though I'm not sure where or how you get them.)

The Voice and "Dallas On Your Boots" singer Holly Tucker
The gates opened at 1pm but the live music didn't start until 2pm. I got there just as the gates were opening... I should have left that morning because the lines to get in were long! When you first walk in (after getting bags checked and tickets scanned), you're bombarded by the smell of food and beer and by the sound of music being played over the speakers.

You can bring lawn chairs and I suggest finding a great spot in the grass early because if you want to be able to see the live music without standing in front of the stage because after a few hours, even finding a suitable spot will be difficult.

Normally at most kinds of music festivals, cash or cards is used. Well, cash is still used at the Bowen Music Fest, but you use that cash to purchase carnival-like tickets when you want to buy food or drinks. (You could only use cash for alcohol and souvenirs.) The money used to purchase tickets went towards the Bowen Family Foundation, so while it threw me off, I thought it was a great way to bring in more donations. C'mon - food trucks, country music, and beer? That's a  Central Texas music festival!
Texas Country artist Mike Ryan 
There really aren't any activities for adults (but it's live country music and beer - what more could you ask for), but they did have a kids play area. There generally aren't a lot of children at the Bowen MusicFest, however, but if you do bring your kids, there's an area for them to play, but it does close down pretty early, around 8pm or 9pm, even though the festival isn't officially over until around 10pm.

The live music is pretty much all day, with recorded music being played between artists. The live music during the day before the headliner features smaller country artists and bands. The headliner usually performs about 6pm. This year it was the Charlie Daniels Band. (I totally fan-girled!)  But at 8:30pm, Wade Bowen is joined onstage with some of Texas's biggest country stars called the Wade Bowen Jam. This year's Wade Bowen Jam featured Kip Moore (who sings Something About A Truck), Roger Creager, Stoney Larue, and quite a few others.

One more of the legendary Charlie Daniels... I couldn't resist!

One more thing I suggest: sunscreen. You can't bring it in with you, so apply before you arrive. You'll need it.

So to recap what to expect if you're going to attend the Bowen MusicFest next year:

  • Early-bird tickets are available, which you can print from your computer or have it scanned from your phone. VIP wristbands are available... Somewhere.
  • Get there early so you can find a good spot on the lawn for your chairs.
  • You use cash to purchase carnival-like tickets for food and drinks. (Alcohol and souvenirs are cash only. Cards are not accepted but there is an ATM available.)
  • Live music will be playing all day. Headliners start around 6pm with the Wade Bowen Jam starting about 8:30pm and lasts until 10pm.
  • There is a kids play area. 
  • Sunscreen. Need I say more?
I cannot wait to see who will be at the Bowen MusicFest next year!

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