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An Early Access Look at Tanzia

Thanks to Aracnity, Inc. for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions belong to the reviewer. Your experience may differ.

Tanzia is an old-style RPG set in a 3D open world currently being developed by Arcanity, Inc.

Arcanity Inc.'s first title, Tanzia is currently available in beta testing on Steam and Leigh, who recently reviewed Guardians Of Ember, got a chance to play and test out what is available in the game (which is still being developed).

(Much thanks to Leigh for the review!)

Tanzia happens to be one of my favorite genres of games RPG. Although it is an RPG and single-player, it gives you the feel of an MMORPG. The concepts and controls of the game are unique for a single-player RPG, because unlike other RPG’s where you either have a turn based fighting system or a hack and slash fighting style, you have a 10 slot spell bar and complete freedom of movement. Although your character has a staff to do melee combat with, the game does flow around a spell casters play set, at least until you unlock the ability to turn into a bear.


As far as the storyline goes I am still trying to finish it because the game is still unfinished and the storyline is not complete, but the storyline as of now seems to be a good one so I am really anxious to see what happens next. The story so far is a narrative one - it is filled excitement, it keeps you hooked, and gives you the want to play on so you can hear more of it.


As far as the gameplay, I find it challenging and very enticing for you to explore and want to find out all you can about the areas and what things you may discover. Each new area has a lot to explore and some things are easy to miss if you don’t go looking for it.

Even the quests help you learn how to play a MMORPG in a single-player environment. They even have a tutorial quest to teach you how to “kite” enemies to where you can take them down without receiving damage. In regards to the quests I only have this to say: I wish they either used the MMORPG style where quest givers had something saying they have a quest for you or you are ready to turn in a quest such as a Gold or blue exclamation point or had name plates above the NPC’s head so you can find who it tells you to find in the quest just so you don’t have to run around talking to everyone just to find who you need.

With the spell list I think it’s perfect; I just don’t know how to level up the individual spells to level 2 or higher, but that could be because ether it is not currently implemented or I just missed something.

Controls & Graphics

The controls are originally set up in MMORPG style but for me that was way too difficult to play because there is no auto attack like in most MMORPGs so you have to hit “1” a lot just to use physical attacks and with all the “kiting” needed it makes it difficult to do so and get a good spell rotation done, so because of these difficulties I decided to use a controller for the game which made it a little easier on the handling.

The graphics are amazing for the comic book style they chose for the game. The storyline is told comic book style with no real CGI animation scenes but with this game, I like it.


Overall I would give the game a 4 out of 5 and the only reason that is, is because I hate waiting to finish storylines but I am confident that once it is complete, it would be 5’s across the board and I can’t wait to see what the developers do next.

Tanzia is currently in beta testing on Steam for $14.99. Developers are looking for feedback on quests and gameplay. 

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