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How the #GoMohu #Releaf Anntenna changed the way I watched TV

Thanks to MOHU for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

I don't have cable. I haven't had it for years because it just got to be too expensive to keep up with. So we've been buying converter boxes and antennas for a few years. But not all antennas are created equally. The antennas I've been using are just your run-of-the-mill rabbit ears, and let's be honest, I could hardly get a local channel less than 5 miles away!

A lot of people who don't have cable use antennas to get their TV, but lets face it - they're not using rabbit ears. Flat antennas have now become so popular, you can find them practically anywhere.

Mohu, the #1 rated original paper thin indoor antennas, allows you to "cut the cable cord" with their line of high-quality HDTV antennas and receive free over-the-air television channels.

The great thing about Mohu is that you can search for an antenna that will work in your area. Just enter your zip code on the front page, and it will bring up a list of antennas for you to compare. It will even show what channels are available in your area and which antennas will receive those channels.

Mohu's Leaf® series is the most popular indoor antenna on the market, and it is paper thin! The series is available in 30-mile and 50-mile radius.

Notice how thin the ReLeaf® is?
Their newest product is the ReLeaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna, which is made from recycled materials! They turn crushed cable boxes into antenna parts and the ReLeaf® is not only paper thin, it's actually made from 30% cardboard, making it eco-friendly.

So if you're ready to get rid of cable bills once and for all, you might want to check out Mohu. They not only have indoor antennas, they have accessories like amplifiers and stands for your Leaf® antennas.

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You can purchase the ReLeaf® Indoor HDTV Antenna for $39.99 with FREE shipping.

Only 3 items to get OTA (over-the-air) TV? That's all I need!
Like I said, I don't have cable. I kind of miss it, but then again, I definitely don't miss those bills! But for the past few years, we've been using converter boxes and those rabbit ears. You know the kind - where you had to constantly position the arms and if you walked by them, the signal would get wonky. I knew I needed something a little more up-to-date.

When I first got the ReLeaf Indoor HDTV Antenna from Mohu, I wasn't sure what to think. The manual was printed right on the box! I've never seen that before!
Now, notice how it says to connect it to your television. But out of habit, I connected it to the converter box... The signal was still wonky, and I knew it had to be the converter box, so I connected it to the television. The signal, minus when it's windy, is almost perfect.

What I really like about the ReLeaf HDTV Indoor Antenna is that I can pretty much place it out of sight, or hang it on the wall, where the signal is better.
Kind of stands out against the wall, but better than metal rods sticking out for signal!

On the bottom of the box, it showed an outline of something you could cut out. I won't lie - I didn't even know where to begin to so I went to the website listed (, in case you're just as intrigued as I was). Guess what it was?

A cute little stand made of cardboard, making the whole thing eco-friendly! But I feared the Siamese kitty would whack his tail against it, knocking the whole thing over, so I placed it on the wall where it couldn't be reached by furry paws.

Honestly, the pins to hang it on the wall bend easy, but once you get the antenna where you want it, it doesn't go anywhere or budge, and luckily it comes with a white set and a black set of pins, so if you happen to bend a pin completely, you have extras!

I kind of miss cable (mostly Doctor Who and The Walking Dead), but I think I like the ReLeaf. I can finally get good signals, not that constant pixelated mess I used to get with rabbit ears.

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