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Hey, It's Okay!

This has been a long and CRAZY few weeks! But I saved the best moments for you!

It's okay...

... To walk past a Harry Potter sweater at Walmart, argue in your mind about buying it as you finish your shopping, turn around and buy it.

... To want to smack a friend for a bad pun. (Long story short, I have bear feet slippers. A friend came over one night, and instead of putting on sneakers, I decided to wear them while he visited. He made a ton of puns, but in the middle, he decided to bring up my fear of clowns and said, "I didn't forget you hate clowns. Hopefully you find this picture BEARABLE.".)

My 2002 Nissan Xterra geeked out!
... To buy Star Wars decals to put on the back window of your car.

... Find something so funny, you don't mind laughing until you can't breathe in front of a complete stranger! (Very long story short, we were at the lake fishing when this guy named Chris decided to fish with us, and as my sister tried to cast, her minnow came flying off the hook and hit his boot. I died laughing!)

... To get excited about buying clothes in a much smaller size! (Seriously, when I tried on a shirt the other day, I almost cried. I hadn't been able to fit into that size in almost 10 years, if ever.)

How did your week go?

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