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Can love really happen at any time?

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received a FREE DVD screening of 1 Night. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ. 

Starring Pitch Perfect's Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabella Fuhrman (known for her role as Clove in The Hunger Games), and Kyle Allen, 1 Night is where the past and present collide as Elizabeth (Camp) tries to decide how to save her relationship with Drew (Chatwin) while Bea (Fuhrman) reconnects with her childhood friend, Andy (Allen) to overcome their difference in high school following prom.

This is the first movie written and directed by Minhal Baig for Level 33 Entertainment. It is described as a drama, and it doesn't disappoint. We learn more about each character as the movie progresses. Bea, who is quirky, is also awkward but isn't afraid to put herself out there after getting heart heart broken. Andy loves his film camera, which is very similar to one I actually own, and shows Bea the fun side of reconnecting with an introverted childhood friend.

I couldn't help but thought this was cute!
However, Elizabeth, facing her own relationship demons, decides to spend the night with Drew and talk, or at least try to. Drew wants to badly fix what is wrong, but Bea isn't sure.

Both couples face similar problems, but somehow rekindle what was once lost.

Thanks to the folks at Level 33 Entertainment, one(1) winner will receive a copy of 1 Night!

Open to US residents only. Enter below. Good luck!

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4 Tips to Snacking & Staying Fit

I am a snacker. I have no shame in that! But I don't always snack "healthy". One day, I'll have some carrots and then the next day, I will be buy that small bag of Cheetos. Yes, I eat Cheetos.

It isn't easy to keep a balance when it comes to snacking, so I always follow these 5 tips when I snack but still try to stay in shape:

We all know that balance is important when it comes to food and health. If one day you're just craving chocolate and have to have it, go ahead and eat it. Just the other day I had a Butterfingers bar. But I also made sure I ate healthy meals with tons of protein and veggies. I also worked my butt off, but I always balance those yummy treats with an extra healthy meal or work out.

If you're craving something sweet or crunchy but don't want all the calories that go along with it, you can always substitute them for healthier alternatives like fruit, nuts, or veggies. There are also some health snacks on the market that is filled with things like fruit, chia seeds, and even cheese!

Let it fuel your workout.

When you lead a busy life, finding time to work out can be difficult. It's even more difficult if you don't have time to eat healthy all the time. One awesome tip I follow is if I plan on working out that day, I make sure it will fuel my workout. Snacks that contain protein and some carbs like a nutrition bar or even a egg sandwich on grain bread (depending on when my workout starts) gets rid of the need to snack and helps out at the gym.

Resist temptation. (Or at least give in sparingly.)
This is scarily accurate!
I'll be honest. I have some trouble when it comes to tempting foods. One day, me and a friend shared a banana pudding parfait as we went to a local board gaming place and I didn't even think twice about it. Who can resist banana pudding? It's hard to resist that deliciousness! One way I have found that works, for me at least, is deciding I can either have it now and work it off later, or wait to have it after a long run or grueling workout. Most of the time, I forget about it after my runs so it kind of works out!
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Did you watch the Dirty Dancing remake?

Last night, ABC debuted its remake of the iconic Dirty Dancing, this time featuring a star-studded cast including Abigail Breslin (Zombieland), Colt Prattes, Debra Messing, Nicole Scherzinger (The X Factor), and even Katey Sagal (Married With Children).

It started out with an all-grown Francis ("Baby") going to a theater, though we don't realize it's her or why she's there until the end of the movie. As the curtain rises, we're taken to the summer at the Catskills resort, where, of course, Baby meets Johnny Castle and she tries to help Penny and Johnny figure out what to do once they realize that Penny is pregnant, so she hires Johnny to give her lessons and she falls in love with him.

I love the original Dirty Dancing, so I went into this with an open mind, just as I did when FOX aired Rocky Horror Picture Show last year. This remake, however, left me with mixed feelings.


The actors were good, especially when it came to Nicole Scherzinger's dancing (which was amazing), but it didn't have the same kind of passion you would expect from Dirty Dancing, even a remake. When it comes to dancing and love, you want passion. You want to feel like a hopeless romantic when watching it, and that's where it kind of fell flat.

One scene that I absolutely LOVED was when Baby and Penny were dancing in the studio because Johnny had a private lesson. Penny was trying to get Baby to loosen up with her dancing because Johnny had told Penny that Baby kept trying to lead, when she puts on a song, (I think it was called Shake It Loose, but I can't be sure. If anyone knows, let me know!), and starts dancing with Baby. Baby is apparently still holding back. A few seconds later, Baby starts "loosening up", and eventually starts having fun with Penny. They're dancing like they're best friends, and at that moment, you see Baby gaining a little more confidence - not only in her dancing, but herself as well. It kind of made you want to jump in and join them. (Or at least it did to me!)

The ending, however, is the only thing that left me baffled. It ends with Baby still in the theater. Apparently, she was there to watch Johnny perform on Broadway... And as she gets up to walk away, Johnny sees her and thanks her for believing that he could perform on Broadway, though he is clearly surprised as he sees Baby's daughter run up to her with her husband in tow. I don't know how that fits into everything, and it seems to have left a lot of viewers either confused or mad.

It was a hit or miss remake, and it kind of did both. But it was enjoyable for the most part.

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Weigh In Week 1

This year, I decided to start a weekly weigh in series, to show the progression of not only my running, my journey to losing weight.

Let's go back to November. I weighed myself one morning, and noticed I weighed 275 pounds. At one point at the end of 2015, I easily weighed over 300, probably close to 350 or 375. I knew I had to make a change.

Back in July weighing in at 300
I knew I was tired of being overweight and unhealthy, so that's why I started running.

You'll notice that I don't have any full-length before photos. I was so insecure about my weight, I made sure I didn't appear full-length in any pictures.

Goal weight: 210lbs
Current weight as of February 2nd: 245lbs

Next weigh in: February 9th or 10th

Did you have any new years goals to lose weight this year? How are you doing so far?
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