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Deadpool VS Iron Man - Who wins?

When a geek can't sleep at night, they end up going to YouTube. I came across a video where the fight is against Batman and Deadpool. I won't spoil it for you, but the ending kind of was disappointing.

But then it got me to thinking - who would win if it were Deadpool and Iron Man, not to the death?

Let's start off with what we know about Deadpool. He is essentially immortal. He can heal and regenerate pretty quickly, even when decapitated. He has impressive fighting skills due to his time as a mercenary. He's also been known to make his enemies go crazy by his insistent talking and fourth wall breaking antics.

What about Iron Man? Not immortal by any means. But he's also very intelligent. He doesn't have the superior fighting skills Deadpool has nor the healing abilities, but he has enough gadgets to stop Deadpool in his tracks... At least for a little while.

Depending on how the fight went, Iron Man would win. Since they're not fighting to stay alive, Iron Man would use his suit's lasers and missiles to pretty much incinerate Deadpool. Iron Man also has his suit's protection for as long as it'll last. Yes, Deadpool can heal pretty damn quick and has great fighting skills, but he would only cause minimal damage against Iron Man's metal suit.

Deadpool would not win by default because 1) it isn't to the death and 2) Iron Man would easily incapacitate him just by cutting off his head, arms, and legs with one fell swoop.

It takes a lot longer to regenerate body parts than it is to buff out of the scratches on a metal suit filled with gadgets.

Who do you think would win?

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