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#EarthDay & #ArborDay - It's not just for kids!

When it comes to Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 29), most families assume that they're great days for kids to learn about our planet and celebrate the beauty it gives us. While it's true that it's a wonderful way to teach kids about Earth and it's plants, we adults tend to look the other way and let the kids have their fun.

But this year, instead of just letting the kids celebrate, why not join in the fun as well?

So I decided that because I wanted to help the environment as well, I went in search of activities and celebrations that adults could do and enjoy, and maybe learn a few new facts.

1. Take a hike. No, seriously. Grab a couple of pals, find a wooded trail, and walk through it. Take pictures of plants or tree that get your attention.

2. Plant a tree. I know, everyone says that this time of year, but with all the building going on, we are losing more and more trees every year. Contact your city officials about planting trees, and if there's a local charity that helps.

3. Volunteer at a local community nursery or community garden. Even if you have your own garden, helping in other people's garden not only brings the community together, you're helping feed other people and you might meet a few new friends.

4. Hold an Earth Day or Arbor Day cleaning party. A great way to get the whole neighborhood to participate (and maybe clean up a park or field) is to hold a cleaning party. If there's a park or field that desperately needs cleaning, organize an event where you and your neighbors use a day to clean up an area and make it pretty for families again. (Be sure that if it's on private property to ask first.)

(link to craft)
5. Craft using materials found outside. It may not seem like the ideal way to get some crafting done, but you could end up creating something absolutely beautiful and you were eco-friendly about it!

6. Sit down in the park and talk. Just getting outside lowers your stress level a bit and can make you happier. Don't feel like sitting? Play games or walk around the park. Be sure to take a camera for those candid moments!

7. Start a recycle project. Even if it's only for your street, recycling can not only reduce your carbon footprint, it reduces the amount of waste going to landfills and saves energy. For more information, visit EPA Recycling Basics or Waste Management for more information.

Are you planning to do anything for Earth Day or Arbor Day?

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  1. The tree planting information is good to have. Thanks for sharing!


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