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Weight Loss Update: Time for shopping!

It's been a while since I've posted a true weight loss update. I hadn't realized that I haven't posted about it until someone messaged me on Facebook, asking how I was doing. I could have made the excuse that I've been busy, but to be honest, I had forgotten about it.

So how am I really doing? Great! I'm happy to report that I've lost probably 10-15 pounds in January and February alone! Even though I was walking or running about 2 miles a week (depending on how I felt), I still would walk to the convenience store with my dad almost every day. I stopped drinking soda. In fact, I tried a soda the other day just because I was craving caffeine and it was the only kind of the house, but after a few sips, I gave it to someone else. Aside from it tasting weird, it didn't suit my need like I thought it would.

I've been down for a few days because I strained my ankle going up and down a hill that leads to a creek. Got something cool out of it, though.

Now I just need to work on toning my body. If anyone has any suggestions on toning the body (especially the tummy and arms), I will greatly appreciate it!

Unfortunately, I have come to another problem. Because I've lost some weight, my clothes are getting kind of baggy. My favorite shirt, which was always long and kind of loose, has become like a nightshirt! Though I was blessed with hips and a butt, which keeps my pants from falling down, my pants have become so long, I am close to having to cuff them. I think I will have to start going shopping for spring clothes. Capris and shorts, here I come!

While I feel better than I have ever felt, some days are harder than others when it comes to staying strong and motivated.

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