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#StellaDot has the best-selling Spring accessories!

It's almost Spring. (Or if you live in Texas, it feels like Spring!) You're probably already planning your spring outfits. I know I am! But I want something a little more high quality and unique this year. So I decided to head on over to Stella & Dot to see what their best-selling accessories are for Spring. However, I need your help choosing a few items! So here's what I'm thinking about:

I might pair this beauty with a flowing white shirt, jean capris, and sandals. My only problem is that I am clumsy, so it would probably get caught on things a lot!

I haven't decided what outfit I would wear this with, but I imagine it would go great with any outfit, minus my favorite Celtic circle t-shirt. I wish I had this for jury duty I went to a week ago! Talk about a statement!

I don't have my ears pierced yet, but I am planning on doing that this year. I'm not a big fan of studs or hoops, so I would LOVE to get these once I am able to wear regular earrings. These are stunning, and I love the drape! Did I mention that they're interchangeable? (By the way, can someone tell me what an ear jacket is?)

I've always been a fan of wrap bracelets. I guess because you can make it as tight or loose as you need it. What I love about this wrap bracelet is that the design goes all the way around, so there's color with every flick of the wrist. This is definitely a bracelet I can wear with practically anything! Even a t-shirt and some flip flops would look even better with the Sierra Double Wrap Bracelet!

If you could choose one of the four to get, which one would it be? I'm really digging the Pave Chevron Ring and the Sierra Double Wrap Bracelet!

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