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Blogging How-To: Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer
Bloggers know that headlines are important. It's what makes the reader think "Hey, this sounds interesting. Let's see what it's about". But there is a big difference between a strong headline and weak one.
A must have for bloggers everywhere!

Let me tell you a little story. I was recently approved to start writing for a geeky website, and I was drafting my first article when I realized that I needed to come up with a headline. I really had no clue what I wanted it to be. I knew I wanted to convey what the article was about while enticing readers to check it out. I had 2 title ideas, and I knew one of them was horrible but I was second-guessing myself. I knew I needed opinions, so I asked in the group just for the website writers what they thought. While most of them liked the second title better, one member posted a website where you can have your prospective headlines analyzed - for FREE!

CoSchedule, the marketing and content calendar (think HootSuite but for a price), offers a headline analyzer for free. By analyzing your headline, it will give you a score, word balance (sentence structure, grammar, etc.), and will even show a Google search preview.

While you read the results, you will notice links through out, giving you tips to get the perfect headline that will end up in more traffic and shares. (Seriously, they are GREAT tips!)

If you have trouble coming up with a amazing headline, I suggest using CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer to bounce ideas off of. It will help you come up with headlines of your own, and who knows - it may even become one of your favorites. It's definitely become mine!

Do you use any headline analyzers, and if so, which ones are your favorites?

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