Jan 8, 2016

3 Things What I Want To Try in 2016

I have already deemed this year as "my" year, branching out and trying new things. Last year, I really just stayed where I was. I tried cross-stitch, but I really couldn't get into it. I tried paint by number, but I didn't find any joy with that. The only thing I could do without any problems was read, but I've been reading my whole life.

So this year, I decided to kind of challenge myself, and find things I really want to try. I created a small list of hobbies that I think I could enjoy.

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1. Gardening
I have always found gardening to be fun and exciting, but the only thing I have ever planted to lived long enough to make a statement was a willow tree sapling that died this last summer. It lived a whopping 6-7 years. But now that I've been researching a lot about gardening in Texas, I think I can get a flower to live long enough to show it's beautiful colors. Or at least I hope I can.

2. Crochet
Crocheting in the Round: Mix & Match Hats 
I've tried to crochet so many times, but my lines are messy and I can't seem to master the Magic Circle. Luckily, for me, Craftsy has tons of crochet classes! I really want to take their Crocheting in the Round class. Maybe I'll finally get that Magic Circle down.

3. Running Longer Distances
In 2014, I started running. I wasn't running long distances at first, just going to the end of the block and coming back. Now I can usually run about a mile a day, if I feel up to it. As I've started to lose more weight, I would love to start running a bit longer, perhaps even running in in a 2K or 5K! I find this article to be very inspirational!

What are 3 things you would love to start doing this year?


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