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Plays come alive with #Stages! #JoshGroban

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The other day, I was watching The Talk and I got really excited when they mentioned that Josh Groban would be their guest for that day. Ever since his album, Closer, came out, I have been a big fan of his music. They were talking about his new album, Stages, when Josh mentioned that Stages, and his Christmas album, Noel would be on Google Play for FREE (through 12/17), I immediately rushed to get them! (Don't believe me that you can get them for free? Here.)

After listening to just the first few songs of Stages, I already had a few favorites! "Bring Him Home" (from Les Misérables) is so powerful, I can imagine Josh belting this tune as he plays Jean Valjean.

One of my favorite plays ever is Phantom of the Opera. I never got a chance to see it live, but I've always loved televised shows and the movie. My favorite song from the play is "All I Ask Of You" because it just seems to be so romantic. Can you believe he actually does a duet on this album with Kelly Clarkson? For such a powerful operatic song, she does very well!

I've never heard of Notre-Dame de Paris, but one of the numbers from the French play, "Le Temps des Cathédrales", sounds so beautiful! Though he doesn't speak French, his pronunciation is impeccable.

While I'm not versed with some of the music from some of the shows that are on this album (like The Fantasticks), the whole album is like one long stunning song. If you need to relax after a hard day, I highly suggest you get this album!

If I had to rate it out of 10, I'd give a 10. It's that good!

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