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Flip flops you need this summer!

It's flip flop season, and if your flip flops look anything like mine, it's time to replace them. But I just didn't want any old flip flops - I wanted something a bit more colorful. So I went on a mission to find some really cool flip flops and I think I found some!

One place I found is called Musewear. They sell nothing but flops, but they are some of the coolest flops I've ever seen! They have flops with sayings with one line on one shoe and another line on the other. I am absolutely in love with the SunSign Soles! It depicts the astrology sign, and personality of all the zodiacs. I will take several pairs of the Sagittarius, please!

Musewear - SunSign Soles - Sagittarius
SunSign Soles: Sagittarius - $20

Want a flop with a lot of heart and soul? Gandy's might be able to help. Based out of the UK, they have tons of colorful flops that should considered works of art. Better yet, they have an important mission - "Orphans for Orphans", which was created to support children in need of basic essentials like food, shelter, and education. 
Gandy's - Peacock Blue - $33.25

We're all spending a little more time out in the sun. CaliMojo flip flops actually change color in the sun! You have several style and color choices. I really like the Pink CaliMojos with the Palm pattern. I cannot tell you how badly I want these. (Click here to see a video of them in action.)

Pink CaliMojos – Palm Pattern - $24.95

These might not go with every outfit you have, but they will turn heads and have people asking you where you bought them. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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