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Blogging Tip: Do you need a media kit?

If you're a blogger, than most likely you've heard people mention something about a media kit. Essentially, a media kit is like a portfolio and business card rolled into one file. It lets companies, brands, and networks know what you and your blog is all about!

Do you need a media kit? All blogs, unless they're just personal blogs without any sponsorship or reviews, need a media kit. It helps to have your stats in once place, plus it helps you get more clients when it comes to reviews, and all that good stuff.

Where do you begin? Well, all depends if you want to create one yourself, use a template, or pay someone to make one for you. If you want to create one, there is a great tutorial on The Importance of Being Reese (along with some template freebies). If you're unsure on making one yourself (and want someone to create one for you), ask around the blogsphere and see if anyone has a suggestion of a graphic designer that can make one for you. Be sure to keep it simple but cohesive to your blog.

This media kit is used as an example.

Great, now - what do you put in your media kit? There is no cookie-cutter idea of what you need to include but always include your stats, social media, contact information, and a bio (either about you, your blog, or both). You can also include demographics, companies you have worked for, and advertisement rates. As you can see from my media kit, I have included a bio about my blog, brands I've worked with, my advertising rates, demographics, and contact information. (On a side note, I've blocked my contact information and stats, since those are only for prospective brands and networks.)

What if my blog is small and I don't have a lot of traffic?
Believe it or not, to some companies it doesn't if your blog is big or small - passion and dedication are major points over those with a ton of traffic. If you have a lot of influence but a small blog, some companies would rather work with you than a blog with a ton of traffic but not a lot of sway. More often than not, page views won't make or break the opportunity. It all depends on what the brand is looking for.

How often should I update it?
OFTEN! Try for every month or every 3 months. However, if you see that your traffic is changing drastically before it's time to update your media kit, go ahead and update it. You don't want to keep giving out false information only for the company to find out - that could damage your reputation as an ethical blogger.

If you have any questions about a media kit, be sure to leave a comment and I'll try to reply to as many as I can!

Do you have a media kit?

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