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Blogging: What the new StumbleUpon ban means!

I try to keep abreast on all of the current social media issues, but I have to admit that I had been slipping on StumbleUpon. I don't use it often, and while I know that is blasphemy for a seasoned blogger, I never got much traffic from it even when I did use it regularly.

I was holding a giveaway, and like always, my share buttons were at the bottom of the post so readers could share the post. My buttons included StumbleUpon. A reader pointed out to me that StumbleUpon wasn't accepting any submissions from this blog, so I decided to do a little digging. I found out that it wasn't just my blog that was being banned, but the whole Blogger community! That means if you have a "site.blogspot.xx" blog, you cannot add it to StumbleUpon at the moment.
What Blogger users now see.

While there was no official reason, many have began to think that because Blogger is free with little or no moderation, StumbleUpon is blocking the whole thing to prevent spamming on a higher level. StumbleUpon has also come out and said that you cannot submit your own links, so once again, "site.blogspot.xx" owners are "spamming".  In my opinion, they should moderate - and maybe manually approve - what links are being added instead of banning an entire entity because of the fear of spam.

So what could this mean for your blog if you use Blogger? Well, it all depends on how often you used StumbleUpon and how much traffic you received. If you didn't utilize StumbleUpon a lot or didn't receive much traffic, then you probably won't notice a difference. But if you get a lot of heavy traffic from StumbleUpon and you use Blogger, then you may have to consider using another social media platform that is similar to StumbleUpon. (I suggest Pinterest since I get a huge amount of traffic from it.)

So to recap: If you have a "site.blogspot.xx" blog, any posts, links, images, from there cannot be added to StumbleUpon by anyone because they have decided to ban the Blogger community. No one knows how long this will last, or even if it will ever be lifted.


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    1. We're not completely sure, but it is a possibility!

  2. Time to switch! This is just one reason in a list of infinity as to why bloggers should be on WP. First on the list, WP can't arbitrarily shut down your site on a whim.


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