May 4, 2015

Summer Outfit for the Curvy Girl!

Summer Outfit for the Curvy Girl
It's getting summertime here in Texas with temperatures almost reaching 90*. Instead of pants and long t-shirts to keep spring's cool breezes at bay, it's time to trade them for something a little more light and airy. 

The top is from Amazon, the bottoms are from Maurices, the shoes are from Shoes on the Web, and the tote (which I absolutely love), is from New Look. (The tote is no longer available so I have given you an alternative that is just as cute!) Together, this whole outfits costs only about $175! But before you scoff at the price, remember that these pieces, minus the tote, can be used for any season! 

I still love that tote. 

To view or order the pieces:

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