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#MustardGirl - Gluten-free deliciousness!

Mustard Girl
Mustard. Just the sound of it brings up memories of barbecues, 4th of July, picnics, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

But finding a decent gluten-free mustard that tastes good can be difficult. You want that mustard taste we all love but without it tasting like a healthy food.

Mustard Girl balances both by being gluten-free and still taste wonderful. What started as a dream to continue on the work of Rendall's Mustard for an art major who was told she wouldn't make in the competitive world of mustard fought her way from the sermon that was her sign that she was born to sell mustard (and selling it store to store from her car) to eventually being sold in places like Target and Whole Foods. (I actually enjoyed the story and I hope you will too!)

Mustard Girl All American Mustards are gluten-free, kosher, made in Wisconsin, and are non-fat, as well as being low in sodium and sugar. Preservatives? Not in these mustards!

Mustard Girl currently has 5 flavors available including American Dijon, Stoneground Deli, Sweet N' Fancy Yellow, Sweet N' Spicy Honey, and Zesty Horseradish.

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Mustard Girl Sweet N' Spicy Honey
Corn dog with Sweet N' Spicy Honey

I'm not a big fan of ketchup and really don't care for mayo. One thing I really like is mustard. Weird, I know but it really goes well with just about anything - including cheese sandwiches. But I've been trying to watch my gluten and really wanted a mustard that was second to none. When I found out that I would be sampling Mustard Girl All American Mustards, I was kind of interested to see what all it would taste really good with.

First off, I tried the Sweet N' Spicy Honey because I had tried Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup the day before. (Mostly because my aunt suggested it.) Oh my, I never knew that sweet, spicy, and mustard would taste really really good. I'm not kidding! It had the tangy flavor of mustard with a little heat and the taste of sweetness. It actually pairs wonderfully with corn dogs. 

Mustard Girl

I love tuna, and I love tuna sandwiches even more. But I don't want my tuna sandwiches to just taste like tuna and bread so I squeezed a little of Stoneground Deli into my tuna. I can't tell you the different flavor planes it crossed. I usually put sweet pickle relish in my tuna, but this is so much more flavorful! It had a little heat to it, but I think it was probably the tumeric. (I don't have tumeric very often - can ya tell?)

I haven't tried the others in food, but I have tasted them. The Zesty Horseradish is so good! It has the horseradishy heat but with the taste of mustard. I might have to try it in potato salad. The American Dijon goes well with my cheese sandwiches. As for the Sweet N' Fancy Yellow - it is definitely mustard, but a higher quality. Deviled eggs, anyone?

I love my Mustard Girl All American Mustards. I don't think I can go back to the store brand of yellow mustard.

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