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#Findlandia Butter giveaway!

It doesn't happen often to us bloggers, but once in a while, we come across a coupon we can't use. I received a Finlandia Butter coupon, and at the time, it was being sold in only one of my local stores, but I couldn't get the store at the time because I was having my allergic reaction and then a week later, my mother was in the hospital. When I was finally able to get to the store to get it, it was no longer being sold, and after searching store to store, I couldn't find it.

While it saddens me that I couldn't share a review (or even a comparison to other butters my family uses), I hate to see a good coupon go to waste. So instead, I thought I would give it away to someone who can use it!

So if you like butter or Finlandia butter is available in your area, feel free to enter to win a FREE product coupon for Finlandia butter! (See if it's available in your area.)

One(1) winner will receive a FREE product coupon for Finlandia Butter! Enter below. Good luck!


  1. I always use butter, margarine and such like has never been part of my cooking (even when it was popular I could just tell from the mouth-feel of that stuff "this is not food") - I use it to bake, to spread, to smother and to glaze. Very high quality butter (like this Finlandia) adds tremendous depth to sauces and just to eating on bread.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

    1. I just noticed (I know, what was I doing?) that the text to your tweet refers to another giveaway that is is probably over but links to this page. It reads:
      I just entered to win a 1 of 2 #Renuzit Pearl Scents free product coupons at Edge of Insanity! @texaswitchtwin

      Can you fix that?

    2. Thanks for letting me know! It must have slipped under the radar, but it has been fixed!

    3. Just a heads-up, StumbleUpon says "Sorry, we don't accept submissions from this site." when I tried to stumble you. You might want to ask them why you are blocked. Nothing wrong here that I can see!

    4. AnnaZed, upon further inspection, I have found that StumbleUpon has decided to place a ban on all site.blogspot.xx sites, including this one. I'll be sure that the tech team makes changes to our share buttons, removing the StumbleUpon button.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Says they sell it in quite a few stores around here!
    I use butter in making cookies and on vegetables.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  3. I use butter often especially when making my homemade peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies.

  4. I like to use butter for baking cookes and cakes.

  5. My husband loves butter when he cooks seafood (shrimp and scallops mainly).

  6. My favorite way to use butter is in popcorn, I add a little to the cooking oil and then a bit more when the popcorn is done.


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