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Blogging - Don't become a mean blogger!

mean blogger

When you first blog, you are very careful about what you say. You want people to feel good about themselves (and your blog) - not offend every person on earth. There are some bloggers, however, that are automatically offensive. But we're not going to talk about those bloggers. They don't need the  promotion. We're going to talk about the bloggers that eventually become mean as their blogs grow.

I am in a blog group where we support each other by sharing our social media links. Recently, I participated in the Pinterest thread where we pin or comment on each other's pins. I posted something very serious (anxiety during bad weather and since a family member suffers from mild to moderate anxiety, it was very near and dear to my heart), and while most of the comments were supportive, there was one person who decided to turn it into a joke by saying something like, "Hide under the covers!". I know I shouldn't take it personally but since anxiety is very personal in my life, I got upset. When you reach out for support and get the exact opposite, you're kind of taken aback.

As I went through the thread, I noticed the same person making snarky remarks on a few other serious pins. As a blogger in a blog group, we are supposed to be supportive in things that matter to us, not make fun of it.

I also saw another blogger had started calling out family members and other blogs on their blog when they don't agree with something, going as far as linking the "offending" blog.

So how can you avoid becoming that "mean" blogger?
  • Don't attack anyone. It's a form of bullying and it looks really bad.
  • If another blogger posts something serious, don't make it into a joke. That post could mean a lot to them. 
  • You can be sarcastic, but not offensive. (Well, unless you're ready for comments that are just as offensive.)
  • Be supportive. Bloggers want support and if you support others, others will support you.
  • Just because you're a popular blog does not give you a free pass to be rude or mean. You'll start attracting bad press and it could ruin your reputation. 
  • If you find something you don't agree with or someone has called you out, don't retaliate. Find out what happened and try to work through it. 
It can be tempting to become of the "mean girls", but it will only work against you and not for you.

Have you ever come across a mean and absolutely rude blogger?


  1. We were on the same page today. I'm just trying to remember that I've gotten great relationships out of our blog and not worry about the few bad seeds.


  2. That's so sad that we can't just all support each other. This post does bring up and interesting thought that's been on MY mind lately. Blogger hosts that send winning emails to me that don't seem to want to be there. So many times I will receive an email saying I won something. But for some unknown reason, the blogger isn't very friendly. She's actually down right mean. I hope to never be mean to one of my readers. If I ever start, I am quiting.


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