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Weight Loss Journey: Fruit-tastic!

Choose an apple instead of chips. You're not actually craving the food but the texture and taste.
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It's been a while since I've posted an update on my journey to losing weight, so I thought this week would be the perfect time, especially since Easter is next weekend.

So how am I doing? I bounced back from my weight gain and hit the ground running. I decided that I wasn't going to let a little weight gain set me back, so I charged full steam ahead and continued on working my way back up the weight loss ladder. While I have made some choices I'm not particularly proud of, I am more proud of myself that I was able to lose the weight I had gained along with a few more pounds.

When I start feeling "snacky", I stopped snacking on sweets, salty stuff, and even those so-called health bars. (I found out that a lot of the mass-produced health bars were not in fact as healthy as I thought.) So I decided to find a much better alternative to all those sweet and salty snacks - fruit. We started keeping bananas, oranges, and apples in the house and I have to say that I love the new snacks! I usually have a banana early afternoon, an apple late afternoon, and an orange in the early evening. When I'm not feeling hungry for normal food, I'll grab a banana instead.

Weight loss snack tip: If you're craving crackers, chips, or crispy fries, choose an apple instead. You're not actually craving the food - you're craving the texture and taste. Apples provide the texture and taste but are much more healthier and will fill you up quicker. You won't feel like snacking an hour later.

Yes - I think I will continue making bananas, oranges, and apples as my go-to snack... unless chocolate is involved.

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