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Happy Pi Day!

Today is officially Pi Day. It's the one day each year where us geeks can celebrate 3.14 with pie! (Okay, so not really but pie sounds really good right now.)

You're probably wondering what the big deal about Pi Day is about, right? This year marks a special occasion for Pi Day - it is also Pi Day of the Century with the date being 3.1415. That only comes once in a century, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It's a great way for kids (and adults) to learn more about math, and how Pi is used every day.

Here's a little fun Pi (yet totally educational) video!

Prefer to celebrate with pie? Design Sponge has 15 pie recipes for you to try!

A little trivia for you: Did you know that Albert Einstein was born on March 14th?

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