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Sweeten up your holidays with #mikeandike!

Just in time for your holiday parties and last minute stocking stuffers is Mike and Ike Merry Mix an Mike and Ike Minion Mix with a seasonal box of Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon stocking stuffers!

Mike and Ike Merry Mix is perfect for all of your home and office holiday parties. This holiday favorite includes original flavors Lime and Cherry, plus a seasonal favorite, Holiday Punch! The green and red and colors of Merry Mix add even more festiveness to the season.
The celebrate the success of the wildly popular movie Despicable Me, Mike and Ike has created a  limited edition Minion Mix that will only be available during the holiday season! Minion Mix comes with 3 different designs on the packs - making it a collectible item for every Minion lover! It is made with real fruit juice, and fans will enjoy the sweet tasty goodness of Blue Raspberry and Banana flavors.

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It is no secret that my family loves Mike and Ike. Whenever there is any around, we have a hard time staying away from it. The fruity flavors are just addicting! So I was kind of exciting when I found out that I would be trying their Merry Mix, Minion Mix, and getting a look at their seasonal Hot Tamales stocking stuffer!

I dived headfirst into the Minion Mix first. I love Minions and was anxious to try the blue raspberry and banana flavors. Oh my goodness! I never knew that those two flavors would be so wonderful together! It was like a party in my mouth. The banana flavor really tasted like banana while the blue raspberry tasted like, well, blue raspberry. But together, it was so good and juicy. Oh, and the packaging actually made me giggle. It was so cute!

The next one I sampled was the Merry Mix. While it has lime and cherry flavors, my absolute favorite was the Holiday Punch flavor. It embodied holiday punch, and just rounded the rest of the flavors. And did I mention how festive it looks? I might to chop some of these and add them to sugar cookies we'll be baking soon.

I love Hot Tamales and have for years. I think it all started in elementary, when I had something similar and I guess I just never lost my taste for them. They still tasted wonderful, and kind of hot after eating more than a few. But the stocking stuffer packaging is very seasonal. I mean, check out the fireball with a Santa hat on it! It has a To/From area on the back, if you can convince yourself to give them to someone. I love the little snowflakes!

Mike and Ike has definitely made my holidays sweeter.

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  1. I love Hot Tamales. They remind me of my childhood. We would also buy them and sneak them into the movie theater. It was a lot of fun.


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