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My Fuzzy Gold Snowflakes

The title sounds like a book for children, doesn't it? Well, it isn't! Every year, we usually have a snowflake somewhere and I noticed that we didn't have any thing year so I go out my tacky glue, glitter, printer paper, scissors, and set out to work. (Note: It is probably better to do this on a table or the floor than a bed. Glitter everywhere!)

I knew I wanted to make a mini snowflake, since they look all pretty when they are sparkling. But I did not realize that the only glitter we had (which is tinsel glitter) would make the snowflakes come out looking they they grew golden fur.

I just didn't stop at the furry mini-snowflake. Nope. I felt the need to make a cross and douse the whole thing in this clingy tinsel glitter.

It may seem like my snowflakes are furry and shiny, I am happy with them.

If anyone is interested, I can create a whole posted dedicated to making these!

By the way, does anyone know a great way to get tinsel glitter off the floor and bedspread?

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