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My Hopes for 2015!

It is New Year's Eve, and what a year 2014 has been! It wasn't a good year by any means - we faced eviction (and was thankfully able to stay in our home), lost our car,plenty of hospital visits, and I faced some personal issues. But my family was able to persevere and come out on top. In that time, we found our faith again, which has really made a difference in the way I handle things.

I always say that the new year will be the best year I can possibly have. Well, we all know that never works out the way we hope or plan. Things get thrown in that can completely throw you for a loop.

So, instead of hoping that 2015 is "the best year I can possibly have", I have decided to make 2015 the year I work on myself. I still plan to lose a lot of weight (which I am currently working on), enroll into college, start dating, and see where I can take Edge of Insanity. In fact, I have a lot of ideas for Edge of Insanity in 2015 that might surprise a few people. But those announcements will come in the next few days.

But I can honestly say that I have learned more from this year than I have previously. It has allowed me to grow more as a person and towards the person I want to become.

I know 2015 is going to be an amazing year - not only for me, but my family as well.

Let's make 2015 the year we will never forget!

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