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How To Keep Those 2015 Goals!

For a long time, I would make "resolutions", but I never reached them because I don't think I was motivated enough. Plus the word "resolutions" is really motivational enough for me. So I started calling them "goals" and started to be more specific in what I wanted to do. I actually found ways to make it a little more easier to keep those goals!

So if you made goals for this year, here are a few tips to keeping those goals all year long:

1. Be ambitious but make sure their are achievable.
It's okay to write down that you want to lose 20-50 pounds , but make sure that it is possible for you to do that. Not everyone has the ability to lose the amount of weight they want (personal problems, different abilities) so if you write down how much weight you want to lose, be sure that you can reach that goal. Ambitious goals are inspiring, but making them too difficult can lead to problems in getting there. It's okay to ask, "What do I get out of it?  What would my end result possibly be?".

2. Set up a time frame.
Setting up time frames for each goals makes you want to work that much harder towards that goal. But don't make it ridiculously short (like 2 months to stop smoking) because you may set yourself up for failure.

3. Don't beat yourself up.
Didn't reach an aspect of your goal that you wanted to in the time frame you set? That's okay! Life gets in the way, and we're not always able to do that what we want. Once you feel you are ready, dust yourself off, and try again.

4. Allow for mistakes.
When it comes to going for a goal you haven't done before, there are bound to be mistakes. You don't stretch before exercising and end up in bed for a week or two. You get into a new relationship only to find out that there is something wrong, and it is because of you. We're human - we make mistakes. Don't let those mistakes defeat you.

5. Don't stop once you reach it your goal.
Some people, once they reach their goal, stop trying to become the best they can be at whatever their goal was. And once that happens, They end up forgetting what they learned, stop trying to lose even more weight, or stop organizing everything. After all of that hard work to just stop trying once they reach the goal, was it really even worth it in the beginning?

Okay, so to recap: Make sure the goals are achievable. Set up time frames for achieving those goals. Allow for life to happen. Mistakes are bound to be a part of it. Don't stop once you reach the top!

What are your goals for 2015?

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