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When it comes to finding a place for your pooch to stay while you're on vacation or out of town, you want the best of the best. Instead of putting them in a kennel or leaving them alone is sometimes not an option. Thanks to, you can now hire a pet sitter! To receive $20 in Rover credit, enter the promo code EdgeofInsanity20. This would be great if you're going to be leaving your doggy behind this holiday season!

To start hiring (or even becoming a pet sitter), you must first sign up at Rover. Be sure to fill out your profile. Be sure to include little tidbits about yourself, your family, and your dog(s). You can also add photos and videos of your dog(s).

After you're done filling out your profile, you can either search for sitters in your area or you can become a sitter yourself.

So why should you choose Rover? First and foremost, those who submit an application to become a sitter are suspect to a background check. Not only will they check for a criminal history, but your citizenship and other things to make sure that you are a good fit for the Rover community. This is a safety procedure for both the sitter and the person who is paying the sitter. You want to keep your dog safe, right?
Search results for my area of Texas

Okay, now you're ready to hire someone to sit for your dog. When finding someone, you can search by stay location (your home or their home), what kind of dog you have and what someone is willing to sit for, your daily budget, and the dates of drop off or pick up. If you book on Rover, you can even receive FREE premium pet insurance and 24/7 customer service. You are also able to pay your sitter through Rover.

For sitters, after your application is approved, you are able to create a profile describing everything from what you would do in an emergency to what services you offer (like if you know how to groom). Just be sure to check with your local regulations just in case you need a license or something similar.

So if you need to leave your pooch alone for a day or so, be sure to check out to find a pet sitter so your 4-legged friend has company!

NOTE: Rates vary from sitter to sitter.

You can also use their Android app, which is also available for iOS.

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