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My Weightloss Journey: A Small Victory!

Ever since I decided to get serious about losing weight this year, it seems that the mindset that comes with losing weight wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. If I tell myself I will only have only 1 spoonful of potato salad, I only scoop 1 spoonful of potato salad onto my plate without even thinking about it. I am also getting into better shape. But I have an even bigger small victory that can only come from true self control - losing a dress size!

Yes, that is true. I have a lost a dress size in both bottoms AND tops! Where shirts used to feel tight around my middle, they now are comfortable. The sleeves in t-shirts are starting to go past my elbows. Even my pants fit better.  I may have to hem up my favorite yoga pants because the pant legs kind of go past my ankles, and almost go around my feet.

For someone who has battled weight her entire life, knowing that I CAN lose weight if I just got serious about it is really life changing. You start seeing what you are truly worth, and that it's not about what you look like on the outside. It was never about that. It was getting healthier, in shape, and feeling good about myself.

This is just a small victory, as I still have some weight to lose, but it is a victory nonetheless. Every pound lost is a victory. Every time I turn down seconds is a victory. Every extra step I put into my day is a victory. Every small victory adds up.

So what can you take from this? First off, don't try to lose weight just to please other people. Do it for yourself. Second, every small victory is worth it. Don't ever think that just because you lost one pound this week that it isn't worth trying. Every pound adds up!

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