Mar 26, 2014

Get use out of your gift cards with!

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Get use out of your gift cards with!

Have you ever had gift cards or loyalty reward cards lying around, only to lose the amount you had on it because you forgot to redeem them? Well, take them out of the drawer (or in my case, my purse), and give them to someone who would use them! membership programs list allows you to buy, sell, or exchange those cards for even face value! All you have to do is sign up (which is free), and then start adding your cards, loyalty programs, and even membership programs to your portfolio. Most of the popular gift cars, membership programs, and loyalty programs are available. allows you to buy, sell, or exchange those cards for even face value!

Now you've added cards and programs to your portfolio. What's next? You can either actually use your gift card, points, or whatever reward system your rewards program has with just one-click. If you're not interested in actually using the card or value, you can sell or exchange it instead. See what is available and offer something to trade against, or simply let people send you offers and accept or refuse them.

Want even more benefits? You have the chance to earn FREE gift cards through Giift when you invite friends, add trackable cards and programs to your portfolio, offer a universal Giift card, or complete your profile information! When you reach 10,000, you have a $10 universal Giift card!

It's very easy to finally get some use out of those gift cards either cluttering up your e-mail or collecting dust in the drawer.

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