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Somatique Moisturizer

Back in March (oddly enough!) of 2012, I had the chance to try out Lady Soma's Antioxidant Berry Mask, which I had loved until I ran out. (Click here to see the review.) Did you know that Lady Soma has come out with a new line of products that contain certified organic ingredients?

Called Somaluxe, these products are good for all skin types, contain certified organic ingredients, safe for pregnant or nursing mothers, and are allergy tested. But better yet, Somaluxe products will never contain parabens, phtalates, mineral oil, chemical sunscreen, fragrances or synthetic color dyes. For those who care about our animals, Somatique does not work with any company that tests on animals.

Now, onto the Somaluxe line! For mothers or woman who are worried about stretch marks in general, they have a Stretch Mark Treatment, in your choice of 1 pack or 3 pack. For those who want a fresher and more healthy-looking face, the Somaluxe Moisturizer strengthens the skin's moisture barrier, keeping your skin hydrated for a more youthful look. Use the Somaluxe Face Cleanser before using the SomaluxeMoisturizer for maximum results!

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Prices vary.

Somatique Face Cleanser
I won't say that I had bad skin, because frankly, I don't. But I am more prone to breakouts that normal women my age, and I can either really dry skin or really oily skin. Sometimes there is a nice balance, but it is well known that women with PCOS can have oily skin.

Anyways, I have tried many different face cleansers, all with weird chemicals that wouldn't work or just make my face super dry and then super oily. When I tried Somaluxe Face Cleanser, I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't smell like chemicals, and felt really good on my face. When rinsed off, it didn't leave any residue and my face felt a lot more cleansed.

The Somaluxe Moisturizer, I used mainly after showering and at night, kept my skin hydrated and actually kept it from getting too oily, as the hydration pushed out any extra impurities. My forehead, which is prone to dryness, is not longer super dry! It's nice to look into the mirror and see my forehead looking much better.

Bye-bye dry and oily skin!

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