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Guest Post: Easy Face Masks for the Busy Woman!

Yogurt Face Mask and other face mask recipes

Spring has sprung! It's time to refresh your face with these lavish DIY masks using ingredients that may be lying around your home. No need for fancy expensive face masks that may contain harsh chemicals, quality ingredients offer the same (often times, better) result! Here are some of my favorites:

! *Even oily gals can use these masks. All skin types can use some moisture

As with any skincare product, please do a skin patch test to make sure you won't have an adverse reaction to any of these ingredients.

Avocado/Banana - Both ingredients are very moisturizing and very good for soft smooth skin. Mash in to paste, spread over face, let dry for 10 minutes & rinse off.
Honey Lemon Mask recipe

Honey & Lemon - This mask smells incredible. The honey is moisturizing and leaves skin youthful and glowing, lemon brightens up skin and softens dark spots. Combine a few table spoons of honey and lemon, this is a liquid mask so be careful for any dripping!

Oatmeal - Oatmeal is perfect for those with sensitive and/or dry skin! It is moisturizing, soothing and naturally cleanses skin. Ever notice oatmeal in soaps and treatments for dry skin? Grind up oats in food processor/coffee grinder or finely chop, add enough warm (not hot) water to create a paste and spread over face, rub gently for exfoliation, let dry.

Yogurt - Yogurt is also an amazing ingredient. Dairy has the property to soothe skin, ever try it as a post-sunburn treatment? This stuff works wonders! It's no surprise that it's a great treatment for skin. Apply straight on clean skin and let dry. Cooled yogurt feels great during warm weather!

Baking Soda (for acne/oily skin) - Baking soda has some amazing properties; it levels out the pH of the surface, it also sterilizes skin & keeps blemishes from becoming more inflamed. This powder packs a big punch in a small cheap package but be aware that baking soda is a very abrasive, so use gently! This mask also has the potential to dry out skin. For face mask use, create a paste with baking soda & water, apply to face and let dry. Rinse, dry & moisturize. Use up to 2x per week.

Raw Egg (normal/whole egg, oily/whites, dry/yolk) - Eggs are great for EVERYONE regardless of skin type! Whisk whole egg, just whites or just yolk depending on skin type and apply to face, let dry and rinse!

Pineapple, Papaya & Gelatin Glycolic Peel - This mask may irritate sensitive skin so definitely do a skin patch test before covering yourself in this! Acidic fruits like tomato, pineapple & papaya contain glycolic acid which exfoliate skin by sloughing off dead skin uncovering beautiful supple youthful skin. Blend papaya & pineapple juice together, combine mixture with unflavored gelatin. Spread on face before it sets, leave on for 10 minutes or until the mask starts to tighten, peel off mask & rinse. Skin may be sensitive after this mask so be sure to take extra care - skip toner and use unscented oil-free moisturizer. Use sparingly!

A few more at home spa experience tips:

Follow up with a warm water rinse & your favorite moisturizer - in my case a light layer of coconut oil ;-)

Diluted apple cider vinegar can be used as a toner to remove any dirt, makeup or oil that a cleanser did not remove.

Cool cucumber slices on the eyes soothe & smooth out tired eyes and replenish moisture under the eyes to remove those dark circles & bags.

Add a few slices of cucumber to your water for a refreshing and beneficial spa drink to complete the experience.

These face masks can definitely double as hair masks!

Create a honey & sugar body scrub (optional: add your favorite essential oils) to go along with face masks for a full spa at home experience.

Budziak Beauty Bio:

Mariko of Budziak Beauty is a Bay Area beauty turned Texan, searching for beauty every day in life. Check out Budziak Beauty for more beautiful tips, tricks, recipes and other tidbits.

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