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I was NOT compensated for this review. I received 5 FREE Valentine's Day cards from Treat to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the second largest card-buying occasion, next to Christmas? Over a million cards and valentines are bought and given on February 14th. But most of the time, these are not personalized just the way you want them.

Treat is an online service where customers can create one-of-a-kind personalized greeting cards from your PC or iPhone and we’ll print and mail it for you.No more missed birthdays, long checkout lines or last-minute drugstore dashes. Their cards are highly personalized so people will want to keep them forever. You can add a photo or edit text!

Treat offers a wide variety of Valentine's Day cards and gifts, including personalized mugs with Ghiradelli Chocolate- which makes the perfect companion gift to your personalized Valentine's Day card!

I wouldn't say that our family doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, but in a way, we don't. We don't buy teddy bears and roses for each other. We each get some candy and sometimes, if we think about it, a card. In fact, I didn't plan on giving cards since I couldn't afford it. Plus, I couldn't find a website with personalized cards that accepted Paypal. But when I was asked to review 5 personalized Valentine's Day cards from Treat, I was excited that I would be able to give out Valentine's Day cards!

It was really easy to personalize the cards I had chosen with the text I wanted. I didn't add any pictures, since we already have tons of cards with pictures on them. Not to mention that I couldn't find the USB thumb drive with most of our pictures on it. The only hard part was choosing a card for each person!

I chose a funny card for Twin (upper left-hand corner). It definitely suits her taste! The card in the top middle is a card I had chosen for my dear friend, Linda, who has been there for us for years. It's not funny nor sentimental, but it does show that I value her friendship. I chose a sentimental (and probably tear-producing) card for mom (upper right-hand corner). I have no intention of making her cry, but I wanted a card that showed how much she means to me. The "Happy Hearts Day" card in the front is for my Aunt Sue. She has been so helpful these past few months that I wanted to tell her how much I appreciate everything she has done so far. The red card that says, "I love you more than chocolate" is for dad. Inside it says, "And you know how much I love chocolate!". He knows how much I love chocolate, and I think he might get a kick out of it!

The only problem I had was choosing a card for everyone... Sort of. When I saw Twin's card, I knew EXACTLY that was the card she would be receiving. Same thing with mom's card. Since my dad isn't particular about anything except what kind of chips he likes, I wanted something that wouldn't offend but maybe get a chuckle out of him. For my friend and aunt, I wanted something that wasn't too personal but still showed my gratitude.

I can't wait to see their expressions when they get their cards!

Order today and you can receive 3 personalized cards for only $6! Just enter the code TREATLUV upon checkout. (New customers only.) Order your cards by 2/10 so you can receive them in time for Valentine's Day.

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