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Making February Count!

I haven't completely figured out why, and I'm sure I never will, but January seemed a little crazy to me. Everything and everyone seemed to have a mind of their own, making it difficult to get things done. I didn't get as much done as I had planned. I wanted to start organizing, and the only thing I organized was my blog/study binder. Okay, I also organized my 2013 blog papers and my blog. I had originally planned to organize my home so I can stop searching in the middle of the night whatever my brain thought I needed.

Anyways, I decided that February is going to be the month I organize the heck out of my home! I already have bins and boxes, so I really don't need to pick any of that up. I plan to move the holiday boxes to the garage (which is another story). I might even rearrange a few furniture items for a fresh look.

I had also planned to start yoga this year. But with the cold weather, it would make my arthritis flare up, which made it painful to do even household chores. I know I am too young to have arthritis at 29, but the arthritis in my right knee and hips were due to accidents and falls. But because February looks to be normal for Texas, I might start my beginners yoga. I might even pick up brisk walking, weather depending.

Since the weekend is kind of blah on Edge of Insanity, I want to make it fun for my readers. I haven't decided what I want to do on Saturdays yet, but I do plan on having a weekly Sunday Inspiration post that will feature uplifting quotes so you can start your week on the right foot! If you have any suggestions what we could for Saturday posts, I would love to hear it!

It may seem like a lot to squeeze in such a short month, but I think I can do it! I just have to learn to multi-task better, especially if I still need time to study. I might need to plan this out day by day!

How well did you do this month on your goals?

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