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Simple household hints!

Sometimes, there isn't money in the budget or we just haven't gotten around to doing it the right way so I think my family has come up with a couple of pretty good household hints.

Buying curtains can be expensive, especially if its like $11 per panel, and you have 1 big window (that would take 2 panels) and 2 small windows (that would take 1 panel each). So instead of spending almost $50 just  on panel and no valences, our family has been using sold-color sheets for curtains. Before you think, "That must look tacky!", if done right, no one will know the difference!

Make Sheets As Curtains
Take 1 flat sheet in the color or design of your choice. Cut a slit on each side of the top of the flat sheet to open up each side of the fold. The slide the curtain rod through!

If you don't have a curtain rod but don't want to put holes in your walls, there is curtain adhesive tape you can buy. You can also use Velcro to make for easier removal when it is time to wash the curtains.

Medicine & First Aid
Use a small potato salad container to hold first aid items if you don't own a first aid kit.

You can also use a small cardboard box to keep all medications in one spot with them constantly falling over. You can put it on top of the fridge, in the bathroom closet, or even in the hall closet. Be sure to write down on the box what medications are in there.

Other Hints
There are actually several genius household hints that will come in handy!

Use the clips from a broken clothes hanger as a chip clips.

Use the tab from soda cans to hang pictures.

Use a round hair claw or even a ponytail holder (instead of tape) to stop wrapper paper from unraveling.

When you're done using packaging tape, fold the end a little to mark where the tape begins.

Use a colander or pasta strainer to sift flour, powdered sugar, etc.

If you don't have a toilet scrubber, use the mesh produce bag to scrub the toilet. Just make sure you're wearing gloves!

If you're having trouble sweeping that line of dust, use a piece of paper kind of like a dustpan and sweep the line onto the paper. Throw the whole thing away!

What are some useful ways you get things done around the house?

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