Jan 24, 2014

Today's FREE Kindle eBook: Summer of Firefly Memories

Get Summer of Firefly Memories by Joan Gable for FREE on Amazon (Prices may change.)

Imagine spending an entire summer in a cabin on a lake - simply because you can. 

That’s exactly what Samantha McGreggor, a thirty-something eco-journalist, does in SUMMER OF FIREFLY MEMORIES. She trades Arizona’s summer heat for Minnesota’s cool lake breezes by spending her summer at the same resort her family used to go to when she was young. 

Her summer agenda - relaxation, beach reads, soul-searching, bonding with her three grown sisters. 

Her concerns - she and her sisters haven’t been back to the resort since their parents’ death twenty years ago when they were all practically teenagers, and, well, they tend to act like emotional teenagers when they’re all together. 

Her summer reality – fun in the sun, secrets, sibling rivalries, lost memories, new love, hope. 

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