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Money-Saving Wrapping Paper Ideas

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Now that is is December, most people are starting to deck the halls and wrap that mountain of Christmas gifts. Rolls of wrapping paper, mounds of tape, and bags of bows are strewn across the floor but after the gifts are unwrapped on Christmas day, you can't really recycle the store-bought wrapping paper, can you? Well, some wrapping paper can be recycled, but it is a small amount.

Instead of spending a copious amount of money on wrapping paper that is hardly adored by children and some adults, consider some of these less-costly but still efficient wrapping paper ideas!

One way my family has saved money this Holiday season is use newspaper for wrapping paper. With a lot of big and oblong boxes to wrap this year, I couldn't see myself spending up to $50 on wrapping paper, only to realize that it still isn't enough to finish the job. Since we get a daily newspaper, we decided that it would save us money (and time) to just use the newspaper to wrap each gift. Once we get done with the paper, it goes into a pile with previous days until it is time to use it. Also, our local area puts out a free classified paper every Thursday and when we're done reading that paper as well, it goes into the same pile. You can also use old magazines to wrap smaller gifts.
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If you must use wrapping paper, consider buying it from stores like Dollar General or Dollar Tree. You can find the same wrapping paper there like you would at Walmart. But Walmart marks up the wrapping this time of year, making it really expensive. Also, only buy what you need. If you think you might run out with only 2 big rolls, buy a smaller roll. 

Have a roll of kraft paper and not sure what to do with it? Wrap those gifts, baby! Kraft paper makes a wonderful wrapping paper alternative because once you wrap the gifts, you can use stamps, stickers, or anything else you want to make that gift stand out. It is also a great way to get the kids involved. They can help decorate the package. You can find plenty of ideas at Apartment Therapy.

What are some ways you save on wrapping gifts?

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  1. I've been doing this for so long I can't even remember when I started. For Christmas I start saving all the papers a month ahead. When I was a kid some of my relatives saved the sunday comics page (the ones in color) for gifts of all kinds.


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