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No more car sickness with Dramamine! {Review & Giveaway}

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received FREE products to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.
I'm pretty sure that I've told you that my mom suffers from car sickness due to her Meniere's Disease. We have tried everything, but have found Dramamine to be the answer to her car sickness!

Dramamine, the leading brand of motion sickness relief for adults is now extending its line to include Dramamine for Kids! Dramamine for Kids treats motion sickness symptoms on the spot, relieving nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and when taken prior to traveling, prevents motion sickness before it happens! Dramamine for Kids comes in a safety travel case with 8 chewable tablets with a grape flavor.

For adults, Dramamine Less Drowsy prevents motion sickness symptoms up to 24 hours with less drowsniess and only one tablet. Dramamine Less Drowsy is available in a 8-count travel vial.

Ready for surprising stats on motion sickness? According to an Omnibus Survey in June 2011, 24% of households with children ages 2-12, have a child with motion sickness. This is three time the rate for adult motion sickness (11% of households). Motion sickness is more prevalent in cars, followed by airplanes and boats. Typical symptoms are nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

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You can purchase Dramamine for Kids, Less Drowsy, Chewable, and Original for $4.99 at your local drugstore or anywhere Dramamine is sold. To find a retailer near you, use their Store Locator.

Our family loves to get out and ride around, but we hardly do because of Mom's motion sickness. We have tried generic motion sickness, but it doesn't work for long. We have even tried herbal remedies that worked for maybe 30 minutes and she would be back to feeling sick. One time we were about an hour from home when we had to pull over because she couldn't handle the rushing trees. Luckily we had Dramamine with us and we were able to resume our trip.
Dramamine Tote W/ Dramamine!
Does Dramamine truly work? Absolutely! Within 30 minutes of taking it, she was feeling fine and continued to feel fine through out the rest of our adventure. Does it last a long time? Taken as per the directions, yes! For Dramamine for Kids, it does work. Our cousin gave some to her son during the Holidays and told us that it helped his motion sickness troubles!

Since we plan to do a lot of discovering Texas through day trips this year, we will most likely pack a lot of Dramamine in the Dramamine tote so that we know exactly where it is just in case Mom has a motion sickness attack!

Are you going to be traveling soon? Going on vacation? Have a little one who has motion sickness? Thanks to the great folks at Dramamine, one(1) winner will receive a Dramamine Travel prize pack that includes:
  • 1 Dramamine tote bag
  • (2) Dramamine Less Drowsy
  • (2) Dramamine for Kids
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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received the items mentioned above FREE from Dramamine. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


  1. We so need this! We are going to Disney soon and I think it might help with the kids first flight!

    We have used this before when we have went on a cruise and it definitely helped then! Thank you for the review.

  2. me and my daughter

    tiffany lane

  3. My son does.
    Brittney House

  4. Oh, it's my husband, for sure! There were years that we couldn't travel because his motion sickness was so bad.

  5. My daughter suffers from motion sickness

    abfantom at yahoo dotcom

  6. My husband does, I feel so bad for him!

  7. Me! I have a hard time on long car rides or boats.
    Thanks for the chance.

  8. My daughter gets horrible motion sickness. We can't even drive a half hour away without her getting sick.

  9. My daughter suffers from motion sickness.

  10. It's me! i have to take something every time I'm in a car, bus, boat or plane... This would sure help!

  11. My daughter suffers from motion sickness, and so do I - unfortunately.

  12. I do cant stand flying
    gabbflabber at

  13. I get motion sick on rides and cruises, my daughter just gets it on cruises.

    mosaic317 at gmail dot com
    Claire McKeon

  14. My grandson gets car sick terribly. It's awful. We couldn't leave without Draminine. Thanks for this

  15. I suffer motion sickness. My husband drives, thats his job, and he's always asking me if I want to go with him. I love to, but, I get so sick!! This would be great to win!!

  16. I dont think my first comment went thru. I get car sick really bad. My husband drives for a living, and he's always wanting me to go with him. But, I get car sick so bad!!! I do love going with him tho!

  17. My mother and I both suffer from it. :(


  18. I suffer from terrible motion sickness

  19. my husband and I both do as well as our children

  20. I'm the worst with motion sickness.

  21. my son jordan get nauseous on his basketball away games when they ride the bus

  22. A very close friend of mine has to use medicine when she gets in the car and especially in the back seat!

  23. I'm the one who gets sick..

    ltlbit1@hotmail dot com

  24. I suffer from motion sickness and so does my son.

  25. My sister's whole family suffers from motion sickness. Trying to win this for them.
    Michelle Tucker

  26. my husband gets motion sickness
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  27. I do and so does my 12 year old daughter

  28. my daughter and i have motion sickness thanks crystal allen


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