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A Retro Holiday

For some reason, I am very nostalgic this Holiday season. I reminisce of the days of green trees, muli-color lights, tinsel, and funky ornaments. You probably think the picture of the tree was taken off the internet. You are probably thinking that it is an ugly tree. First off, that is our tree. I personally don't think it looks ugly. In our family, we prefer tress that make us feel warm and fuzzy over "perfect" trees. We want trees that create memories or preserve memories (whether it is old ornaments or thoughts from Christmases past).

But for the first time in probably decades, we are having what seems to be a retro Christmas. We have the green tree with multi-color lights and tinsel. Our ornaments don't match. We have an old Snoopy plush sitting on some of the branches. We have a truly retro honeycomb paper Christmas tree from the 1950's or 1960's that was once green with white tips but now has turned  almost completely white. I did have two but the other one was pretty beat up that we had to let it go. We hang a vintage Beistle Co. honeycomb bell that still retains its shape and red color from a light fixture. I might even be able to find a popcorn Santa in the garage this year.

Why is it important that we have somewhat a retro Christmas this year? Well, it isn't super important, but I don't know what next year holds and I want to hold onto the nostalgia feeling a little longer. I start school next year to get my degree in marketing.  We will be working on finally moving or at least getting us something better to drive and letting our dinosaur minivan go to car heaven. Twin and I will be turning 30 next year. (Yikes! Someone stop time!) We may even be starting our own lives or doing our thing to where we no longer can spend the time together we do now. Besides that, this year was one of the roughest years we've ever had, if not the roughest year. To say we've grown closer as a family is an understatement. We are closer than we've ever been- even after losing a house to a fire in 2001.

You may think our Christmas tree is ugly. I have no problem with. Just remember that is decorated with a family's love!


  1. (A Retro Holiday) I have almost all of the ornaments my four children have made me over the years when they were younger and in school.


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