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OPI Lost on Lombard swatch & tutorial!

In August of this year, OPI released their newest collection: San Francisco! I am a HUGE fan of OPI (especially their Liquid Sand polishes), so when I found out I would be reviewing a color from their San Francisco collection, I was excited to see which color I would receive.

I got to try Lost on Lomard, which is a dark red, which goes perfect with those fall fashions you'll be wearing soon! Like I said, it's a dark red, but a better description would be a dark garnet or a warm red. It went on very smooth, despite the triple digit heat here in Texas. I only needed 2 coats (which is what I usually put on anyways), and it levels out very nicely. It's opaque enough to where you can't see the brush strokes but not too thick to weigh down the nails.

I might have to get some more from the collection. I am loving those colors!

I am not the best when it comes to applying nail polish.

Lost on Lombard
Since I love the fall colors of gold and red, I decided to dress up my nails a little. It's not hard, and in fact, it is another one beginners can do. Probably a lot better than me, but I try! I'm not sure what to call it yet. Dots of Autumn?

What I Used:
OPI- Lost on Lombard
Sephora- I'm a Rich Girl
Dotting tool (One with a big dot on one side and a small dot on the other. I also got that one from Sephora.)

What I Did:
1. Put down a base coat. Let it dry.
2. Put on 2 coats of Lost on Lombard. Let it dry.
3. How you put the dots on is your choice. I used the bigger dot to lay down 5 dots in a domino fashion. Two on top, one in the middle, and two on the bottom. Using the smaller dotting tool, I put a small dot in the middle of the top two, a small dot in the middle of the two bigger dots on the right side, another small dot on the left side, one in the middle of the two bottom dots, and three teeny tiny dots along the tip of my nails. 
4. Let everything dry. Once the dots are dry, put on a top coat (not in the picture).

If you're having trouble doing your dominate hand, lay it on a flat surface and have your other wrist on the table as you work. It allows you to easily dot your dominate hand without making dot streaks. Or you can have another person dot your fingers nails.

I love dots, so most of the time, I do dots on my nails. By the way, what should I name the design?

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE bottle of Lost on Lombard from OPI to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ. If you're interested in having your product(s)/service(s) featured on Edge of Insanity, e-mail us.

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