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Thoughts for Thursday: Staying Positive

This year has been terrible for us, but the only way were able to weather the storms was to stay positive, no matter what happened.

Staying positive is hard. Sometimes it is down right impossible. You just feel like there is no solution to the problem or that the chips are stacked against you. But if you constantly worry over it, then you are not giving your brain a chance to clear. When you think positive, your brain clears and you are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far away it is. Even a little glimmer of hope allows you to figure out a solution.

Even if you aren't going through something, being positive allows you to live the day just a little bit happier. You are able to see the good in almost every situation. Even checking something off your to-do list can help you feel positive. That accomplishment makes you think that your day is going good so far. Continue thinking that and conquer the rest of your day!

Staying positive long-term is very difficult. Make goals, and truly believe you will reach them. If you're feeling down, talking a friend to get you back on track.

I don't expect you to think sunshine, roses, and unicorns all the time. No sane person can think that every minute of every day. But if you think to yourself "This day went pretty good. Maybe tomorrow will be just as great!" at the end of every day, you eventually start believing it.

So go on out there and be as positive as you can!

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  1. Positivity has been a theme with our family this week. I've noticed my boys (husband and son, both) being negative about different aspects. We can't control the unpleasant circumstances in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. Those reactions tell others a lot about us...don't we want it to be good?


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