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Thoughts for Thursday: Hope

Through out our lives, we hope for something. We hope for rain. We hope that our favorite flavor of ice cream is in stock when we go to the grocery store. But when it comes to the big things, hope can mean the difference between happiness and sadness.

When I was hospitalized with a staph infection, I hoped that everything would turn out okay. When my father lost his job this Spring, I hoped that not only would our family make it, but that he would find another job soon. Not only did hope get me through those long days, it also gave me the motivation to help my healing. It also gave me the motivation to help my father find a job.

I know we talked about staying positive last week. While hope and being positive can be the same thing in certain situations. But most of the time, hope and positiveness are two separate things. You can be having an absolutely cruddy day and you can't see the goodness in your day. You just hope tomorrow is better.

Having hope can help you cope with everything from depression, stress, to even disease. When you give hope wings, you are able to look on the bright side of things. Let's say that a close friend has died. And  instead of hoping that you can make it through life without them by your side, you hope that the family finds comfort with their loss. You know that your friend will always be there with you. Comforting yourself with that thought allows you to deal with the loss better.

Hope doesn't have to mean hoping for big things, like a cure for cancer or something to bring you out of this stressful situation. Hoping for a good & happy day can make make a difference as well!

What was the last thing you were hopeful for?

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