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FREE: Create your own Planet Protectors Club kit!

Head on over to create your very own Planet Protectors Club kit for FREE! You have the choice of:

  •  Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place (Grades K-3 Activity Book) 
  •  Follow That Trail (Grades K-3 Activity Book) 
  •  Calendar of Activities Student Handout (Grades K-3) 
  •  Case of the Broken Loop (Grades4-5 Activity Book) 
  •  Planet Protectors Club Certificate 
  •  Planet Protetcors Club Badge 
  •  Trash and Climate Change (Grades 4-5 Activity Book)
You may request up to 30 copies of each mentioned above. Full kits not available. You can only create your kit(s) individually. Shipping to US only. International residents may download copies.

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