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Blogging 201: Building your brand.

When I say "build your blog as a brand", you probably envision a lot more work you are willing to take on and maybe some blogger events. While that is true on both accounts, building your blog as a brand will take your blog to the next level. A brand is a promise to consumers. It sets expectations for what they'll get from your blog and you in every interaction. So if you decide to build your blog into a brand, you have to remember your brand should be something that your readers will expect. No nasty surprises!

So what exactly does it take to build your blog into a brand?
  1. Keep everything consistent. If you're a funny blogger, don't automatically turn serious. Don't change your logo a million times, as it might confuse readers. Keep your blog theme/design consistent through out your social media. 
  2. Does everything fit (including your logo and tagline) fit with what your blog and brand is about? If you need to tweak something, tweak it a little to fit. Don't overhaul everything.
  3. Stay patient. It takes a lot of work to build your blog into a brand. If you keep at it, it will evolve into everything you dreamed about!
  4. Don't try to be all things to all people. You'll turn off readers, and you'll lose what your blog and brand is really about.
  5. Be creative and different. If you know nothing about coupons but know a lot about crafting, don't start posting coupons.Post about what you know but stand!
  6. Make sure that you have developed a blog personality. I'm not very funny, but more serious. So I tend to post in a serious tone. Don't flip flop because you may lose serious readers and only gain a few small humorous readers.
  7. Don't forget- If you need help with promoting your brand or getting your brand out there, ask! Most bloggers are very helpful when it comes to promoting, since we've all been there before!
Why exactly should you become a brand? You don't have to. But the opportunities that come along with a blog brand are amazing! I know several bloggers who have done major campaigns because they turned their blog into a brand!

Next on our Blogging 201: The conclusion! Now what?

Would you consider become a blog brand? If you are a blog brand, how has it changed the way you blog?

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  1. Great tips! I've had to remember to stop trying to do too much; I re-did my menu a few months back to take out several topics so I can focus on the few that I can most easily cover frequently with quality content. Thanks for sharing!


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