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Blogging 201: Becoming a brand ambassador.

A lot of bloggers dream of becoming a brand ambassador for their favorite brands. What exactly is a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is basically a spokesperson for a company both online and off. I am not a brand ambassador, though. Do I want to be? For the right company, sure! But many bloggers out there ARE brand ambassadors. How do you become a brand ambassador?

Most of the times, the brand will contact you directly about becoming an ambassador. Since I've never been contacted to be a brand ambassador (yet!), I don't know what the e-mail will include. But I assume that it will tell you what is expected of you, what your ambassadorship will include, and a lot of different things.

Another way to become a brand ambassador is to contact the PR rep for the brand directly. Be sure to include why you think you are a good fit for their brand ambassadorship, what is in it for the company, what you will do to make sure that you hold up your end of the bargain, and of course, those all important stats. Don't beat yourself up if you don't become that brand's ambassador. Sometimes you don't meet their requirements, they aren't looking to add someone to their ambassador program, or your blog doesn't fit their demographics.

Being a brand ambassador isn't everything to a blogger. It's a great opportunity for trips, freebies, and even movie premieres, but not every blogger is or wants to be a brand ambassador. Either they don't have time or don't have the want to even become one. If you decide you want to eventually be one, Mom Blog Society has a great article on what it takes be a brand ambassador.

Next on our Blogging 201 series: Building your blog as a brand!

Would you want to become a brand ambassador?

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