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National Donut Day List

Today is National Donut Day! That means thousands of stores across America are giving away FREE donuts! Here is a list of some places where you might be able to snag that free (or almost free) deliciousness:

Shipley's Do-Nut (Purchase necessary in most locations. Some ARE free. Call ahead.)
Dunkin' Donuts (Purchase necessary)
Tim Horton's (Purchase necessary with coupon.)
Entenmann's (Unknown)

Many local stores may also be participating, but before you go up there for your free donut, be sure to call ahead and ask. Daylight Donuts MAY be giving away free donuts, but because each store is individually owned, it is better to ask before.

Has anyone noticed that the amount of stores participating has definitely decreased since last year?

1 comment:

  1. I would have totally gone to Krispy Kreme on route if I had remembered. :(
    It's unfortunate that DD requires a purchase, because there's one not too far from where I live.
    Still, thank you for posting these; it's a great freebie date to remember!


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