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Couponing for all families!

I never claim to be the queen of coupons or even know how to do "extreme" couponing. In fact, it might as well be a foreign language to me. But my family has been able to save some money, even without a printer!

Many couponers will tell you that a printer is a must-have if you're going to use coupons. That may be true if you want every single coupon that comes out and your family uses the products. But with a lot of the current coupons, our family doesn't use those products so we usually skip those. But for the products we DO use, allows you to have certain coupons sent to your home through Help.

If you want to start printing coupons without a printer, try printing them at work, having friends/family print them, or go to your local library. Make sure you know your library's printing policy. Ours charges 15 cents each page, and only 10 pages per patron.

If you subscribe to your local Sunday paper, more than likely you will get plenty of savings. Sometimes local stores will have a sale that many national chains don't. I know that our local H-E-B has BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free) that are out of this world! The other day, I was buying 2 bags of their brand chips for a party, and next to the chips was a coupon, stating that if I bought 2 bags of the chips I was already planningon buy buying, I would get another bag of chips FREE!

Anyways, since sales only last a week and coupons last much longer, be sure to write down the current sales for the coupons you're going to use for your family, and then wait another week to see if the sales are better. If not, Dollar Tree is where you are going to get the best deals for things like toothpaste, snacks, and sometimes cleaning products. Since almost everything is $1, you can pay less than that!

I won't tell you not to buy multiple papers since every family is different. But buy only what you plan on using. Be sure to check out Sunday Coupon Preview the day before so you can make sure whether you want to buy a paper or not. They give you a preview of which coupon inserts will be in your Sunday paper and which coupons will be in the inserts.

This past Christmas, we were doing everything we could to save money since we like to do a lot of activities during the Holidays. We had a coupon for $0.75 OFF any Chicken of the Sea product and I noticed Walmart had a pouch for about $1.20. Since the coupon didn't have any on size, I chose the smaller pouch over the largest can/pouch so that we would pay less. So if your coupon doesn't have a restriction on size, compare them. If the smaller version is only 2 ounces less than the larger version, get the smaller version and get the better sale.

Our family doesn't use coupons very often. But when we do, we make sure that we get the best price by going to either H-E-B or Walmart. Since we do not have a printer, most of our coupons comes from bought Sunday papers or Twin, who requests coupons to be sent to our home from, when available, of course.

Using coupons without a printer is possible. It takes a little more work than couponing with a printer, but the feeling accomplishment is worth it, and feels much better. Sort of like you won a marathon! LOL Okay, not really. But you get the point.

What are some of your best couponing tricks?


  1. I just resubscribed to Sunday paper because printer ink is so expensive! I did look into buying just the coupons but seemed more expensive when i really just want one set of coupons. I didnt know would mail you leftover ones, that's pretty cool. Inevitably though the coupons I want are in the paper and not in

  2. We don't usually print coupons at my house either. I didn't know about the Sunday Coupon Preview site; looks like it would be really helpful for us who check the Sunday inserts for coupons. We don't buy a lot at my house, so we don't always need the Sunday insert coupons, so checking if we need it would be a great service. I had no idea can send you leftover coupons. That's good to know. Usually we rely on local store fliers for sales when we purchase anything. I know that some libraries allow clipping coupons from their daily newspaper inserts and sometimes we do check those, but you have to know when to head in and check because the library has only so many newspapers so there's always a limitation on the amount left to find.


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