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Take care of your skin with HTY Gold!

Taking care of your skin is hard enough, but taking care of your skin naturally? Impossible! But with HTY Gold, you can still take care of your skin naturally without worry.

I got the chance to review HTY Gold's Body Gold, Intensive Face & Neck Serum, and Intensive Body Serum. I know that at age 28, I shouldn't have to worry about my skin looking older than I am. Unfortunately, years of stress and other environmental things have caused my once youthful skin to make me look older.

I have a dry forehead, I have lines, and my skin is dull. And let's face it: since I'm still in the prime of my life, I want to look bright and glowing!

The Body Gold is probably one of the best creams I have used. It isn't greasy, and it has such a silky feeling! I've never used a cream that felt like silk between my fingers. It is also super light weight, that I can apply makeup over it. It has actually helped my rough dry forehead. It's no longer flaky (Eww, I know.), but now smooth and soft.

As far as the Intensive Face & Neck Serum, I have noticed a slight different with my neck and face. It feels a little tighter, but not by much. Then again, as a 28-year-old, I still have some collagen left in these cheeks. I haven't really noticed a difference with the Intensive Body Serum. I know it's supposed to tighten the skin on the rest of the body, but like I said, I haven't noticed a difference. Maybe if I used it a little more, I'll get tighter skin on my arms. The major difference is that my skin is looking better than it has in years and I am so glad I got to try HTY Gold!

HTY Gold uses only natural ingredients for their products and they do not test on animals. So be kind to your skin and fellow furred friends and go with HTY Gold!

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I was NOT compensated for this review. I received the items mentioned above to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

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